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Jan 2009

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IMHC Board Meeting 
January 12, 2009
Kokomo, IN

The Indiana Morgan Horse Club board meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by club President Sandy White. In attendance were Bruce Stewart,  
Linda Laud, Jo Olinger, Carolyn Stanger, and a guest of Linda Laud. Carolyn Stanger agreed to keep minutes due to Secretary Danielle Kiefer’s absence.

December meeting minutes were distributed prior to meeting. Carolyn made a motion to approve, Bruce seconded, motion passed.
Treasurer’s reports from December and January were distributed prior to meeting. Linda made a motion to accept, Jo seconded, motion passed.

Old Business

Hoosier Horse Fair – Sandy has had no response yet from AMHA regarding possible $250 grant for HHF. Consequently, she suggested we use the interest
income from the Rachel Centers CD for the HHF. Discussion was then held about using the interest income from the Harriet Ulery CD also to promote the
Morgan Horse at the Hoosier Horse Fair. Carolyn made a motion to use the interest income from both the Rachel Centers and Harriet Ulery CDs for the
Hoosier Horse Fair. Motion seconded and passed.
Discussion moved on to deciding whether a stall booth or a commercial booth would best suit the club this year. The consensus was to get a stall booth this
year to help conserve club funds. Bruce made a motion, it was seconded and passed.
Sandy reported we do not have a stallion representative for the HHF. We have one demonstration horse at this time. The Haun’s of Universal Morgans will
bring their reining horse. Sandy will contact a couple of other prospective owners willing to represent us and the Morgan at the Hoosier Horse Fair.

Spring Meeting – Tentative date of March 15. Topic to be presentation of equine emergency first aid by a veterinarian (TBA). We are finalizing location
and will have info to you ASAP.

New Business

Publicity Officer – Sandy realized a publicity officer should have been elected per the By-Laws. Sandy will appoint someone to the position.
Treasury audits – Sandy recommended an audit of the club and show books since it’s been years since it’s been done. No action was taken at the meeting.
Post meeting note: The audit was further discussed via email and agreement was reached to table until March board meeting.

2009 club activities – The board would like to attempt a club activity once a month. From the survey results and brainstorming, some ideas presented were
1) educational, dressage, driving clinics 2) horse trailer parking & maneuvering clinic 3) Peter Stone tour in Shipshewana 4) outing to
the racetrack at Anderson 5) trail rides/pitch-in meals 6) club horse show.

2009 club horse show – We are exploring options for the 2009 show. Bruce will check dates available in
September at the Hamilton County show grounds.

By-Laws review & update – Sandy will have suggestions at March board meeting.

2009 Board Meetings – set for second Monday in March, May, July, September, and November.   

Next meeting March 9 at Pastarrific restaurant in Kokomo, IN.

IMHC Annual Awards Banquet – date set for December 5, 2009. Location TBA – Mark your calendars!

Committee Reports

Youth – none
Newsletter – none -Bruce reported all information turned over to Young’s. Linda suggested Young’s address be
publicized more so people know where to send info for the newsletter.
Web site – Sandy needs pictures and announced Erica Leipus is the new web master.
High Point – Linda reported 1 entry so far.
Trail – Sue Hansen is the new ‘trail boss’. She will set date/location for May trail ride.
Gold Cup – none
Historian – none

Jo made motion to adjourn meeting, seconded and passed.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 EST.