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The name of this club is: THE INDIANA MORGAN HORSE CLUB, INC.


The purpose of this club is to encourage and promote the humane use of the registered Morgan horse in all equine disciplines. To encourage cooperation between various interest groups and organizations within the breed (for the betterment of the breed) and to provide a variety of equine activities and educational opportunities for our membership.


Sec. 1. Any person interested in the Morgan horse and subscribing to the purpose of this CLUB, may become an active member in good standing by filling out an approved application blank, together with the proper monetary amount as set by the executive committee. In the event the application comes into the CLUB after October 31st, said membership will cover the next year, as well as the balance of the current fiscal year.

Sec. 2. There shall be three classifications of memberships:

A.       Standard Membership: Membership may be single or family with one vote per single membership and no more than two votes for family membership. A member must be present to vote at meetings with two family members present to be able to cast two votes as a family membership. Otherwise only one vote for family membership may be cast by the one member present. Family membership is defined as including married couples, parents or guardians, and immediate unmarried family members residing at the same residence regardless of age of off-spring.

B.       Awarded Life Membership:  The executive committee may approve a life membership for any person or persons who have contributed beyond the normal requirements to the furthering of the Morgan horse, while an active member of the INDIANA MORGAN HORSE CLUB, INC. This type of membership shall pay no dues but will have full voting privileges.

C.       Paid Life Membership;  Paid life membership may be granted to any person or family who submits a membership application and submits payment for ten (10) years of the current dues set forth by the executive committee.  Voting privileges shall be the same as set forth for standard membership.

Sec. 3. When a member has filed his application, paid the required dues, and has been accepted within the CLUB, he/she, or family shall receive a certificate of membership, showing that he/she, or family is a member in good standing for the specified year. This shall be mailed or given to the new member by the Secretary-Treasurer of the CLUB.

Sec. 4. Abandonment of membership. When a membership fails to pay current dues by April 15 of the membership year, he is considered to have abandoned his membership and shall no longer be entitled to voting privileges, publications, or participation in events sponsored by the CLUB. Membership reinstatement will not be considered until all past due accounts have been settled including unpaid ads to the Newsletter and all other debts owed the CLUB.


The annual dues for membership shall be fixed by the Executive Committee, but must be ratified by the voting members present at the annual meeting, or at any regularly scheduled meeting. Revised dues shall be effective commencing with the next fiscal year, following ratification, and shall remain in effect until revised again by the proper procedure.


Sec. 1. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall consist of the club officers and directors.


Sec. 3. Three directors at large will hold office elected as follows: 1 Director for 3 years, One Director for 2 years, One Director for I year; thereafter, all new directors will be elected for 3 year terms.

Sec. 4. The retiring president will automatically be a member of the board of directors for one year. He/She will serve in addition to the regular elected directors.

Sec. 5. All officers shall be elected for a period of one year: such election being held at the annual meeting, in the fourth quarter of each year, with officers taking office on January 1st of the following year.

Sec. 6. Whenever a vacancy should occur in any office, for any reason whatsoever, the executive committee shall fill such vacancy by appointment for the balance of the unexpired term.


Sec. 1. The executive committee shall have and exercise the responsibility for the management of the CLUB, and shall formulate the programs of the CLUB.

Sec. 2. The PRESIDENT shall be executive officer of the CLUB, chairman of the executive committee: and ex-officio member of all CLUB committees. He or she shall appoint such committees and representatives as are necessary, with the advice and consent of the executive committee. He or she shall call, make arrangements for and preside at all regular, special and executive meetings.

Sec. 3. The VICE-PRESIDENT shall assist the PRESIDENT in his duties, and in the absence or inability of the PRESIDENT, shall perform all of the duties of the PRESIDENT.

Sec. 4. The SECRETARY-TREASURER shall keep all records of the CLUB, and minutes of the meeting and shall handle the Club's financial affairs. He or she shall pay all legal obligations of the CLUB when due, up to the maximum of $100.00 without approval of the executive committee. He/she shall post a financial statement of the Club at the regular meeting, and shall have the financial statement appear in the newsletter at least once quarterly.

Sec. 5 . The YOUTH DIRECTOR will counsel and supervise all youth activities.


Sec. 1. The chairman or committees and club representatives appointed pursuant to Article VI., Sec. 2. shall make full reports of their activities at all meetings of the CLUB.

Sec. 2. There shall be an Officers and Directors nominating committee appointed in accordance with Article V1.

Sec 3. The NEWSLETTER EDITOR shall be responsible for the publication of the CLUB's newsletter, which shall be published periodically as set by the officers and Board of Directors.

Sec. 4. The INTRA-CLUB CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for conducting the Intra-Club competition. This includes taking entries, obtaining sponsors, keeping points, maintaining financial records and assembling and distributing the awards and trophies.

Sec. 5. The HISTORIAN shall keep a record of all the various activities of the club: keeping these records in a book, or books; and make them available at the club meetings. The records should include articles written by the Historian (or others), clippings from newspapers, etc., photographs and any other items of interest which should be preserved.

Sec. 6. The PROMOTION CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for managing all matters pertaining to promoting the Indiana Morgan Horse Club, Inc. and the Morgan Horse.

Sec. 7.  The WEBMASTER shall maintain and regularly update the IMHC website.


Sec. 1. The Annual Meeting and election of officers shall be held in the fourth quarter of each year. An additional regular meeting shall be held in the Spring and special meetings may be called by the President.

Sec. 2. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called at any time by the President, or at the request of five members of the Committee.

Sec. 3. Notice of the Annual Meeting shall be sent to all members one month prior to the date of the meeting and notice of regular and special meetings shall be sent to all members two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Sec. 4. Members of the Executive Committee shall be given twenty-four hours notice of meetings of the Committee.

Sec. 5. All meeting notices shall give the date, place, and time of the meeting.

Sec. 6. The fiscal year begins January 1st.

Sec. 7. A quorum shall consist of the majority of the members of the Executive Committee. The President, or anyone acting in his behalf shall, in conducting a meeting, vote only in case of a tie. All questions, except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, shall be by majority vote of those present.


Sec. 1. Suggestions for additions, amendments, or repeal of a By-Law may be made by a member in good standing. Each suggestion shall be considered by the Executive Committee who shall recommend it for adoption or rejection.

Sec. 2. No amendment or repeal shall be effective unless it shall have been read at two (2) CLUB meetings: provided, however that the first reading may be at a meeting of the Executive Committee at which at least two-thirds (2/3) of the elected members are present. An amendment or repeal shall be effective upon passage by at least 2/3 vote of the voting membership present at the General meeting.

Sec. 3. Notices of meetings at which amendments, additions, or repealers will be presented shall include a summary of the By-Law question under consideration.


Sec. 1  Hoosier Horse Fair Funds - In the event of the dissolution of the IMHC, all money remaining in the Hoosier Horse Fair designated funds, which were received from the Indiana Morgan Classic Horse Show, are to be given to the Indiana Horse Council for distribution to PATH International (formerly named NARHA) accredited Indiana therapeutic riding centers, as specified by the Indiana Morgan Classic board of directors.

Sec. 2 - General Club Funds - In the event of the dissolution of the IMHC, all general funds are to be distributed to one or more not-for-profit equine organizations in good standing with the State in which it operates. The acting Executive Committee at time of dissolution shall determine which organizations will receive funds and specify quantity to each.