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2013 Gold Cup Wrap Up
by Charlotte Krupla

Gold Cup has always been known for putting on a show that can take any exhibitors breath away.  This year, they out did themselves!  Each evening after the session was done, there was a moment for exhibitors to kick back and enjoy themselves.  In the morning, donuts and coffee were provided, to get everyone started. But what always set Gold Cup apart from other shows are the horses!  This year, classes were huge!  It was amazing to watch class after class filled with horses of quality.  The competition was intense. 


PhotoThis year, Kaecee Dollard and her new horse Peeps enjoyed several classes at the Gold Cup!  We wish Kaecee and Peeps all the best as they continue to work together.  James and Robert Krupla both entered the Youth of the Year Stick horse Competition and are excited about learning even more about the Morgan Horse.    Triumph Stables had a wonderful show as well.  They were able to bring home several blues and championships.  One unique event at Gold Cup this year, provided by Holly Linden, allowed children of all ages to create a wooden stick horse of their very own.   James and Robert both created their stick horses and been riding them around the house like crazy.  For the exhibitors and interested guests, this years Gold Cup was special. 
























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