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High Point

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2014 Revisions! 
Both the Rules below & Nomination form have been updated. 
Support the IMHC with your Nomination & Participation.

PURPOSE:  To encourage and reinforce IMHC adult and youth member's participation in horse shows and other special events in order to promote the Morgan Horse as well as the equine industry.


The Awards Divisions consists of seven (7) regular divisions and ten (10) special perpetual trophies and awards.  Each division will be awarded Champion and Reserve Champion. Any additional awards will be at the discretion of the Intra-Club Highpoint Chairman. In the event of a tie, awards will be made to each of the tied competitors.  Each division includes the classes listed underneath it.  They are as follows:


DIVISION ONE - IN HAND (Exhibitor of any age, Nominate horse)  

  • Stallion, Mare and Gelding
  • Mare & Foal; Dam & Produce; Produce of Dam
  • Sire and Get; Get of Sire
  • Classic

 DIVISION TWO – PLEASURE (Exhibitor of any age, Nominate horse)  

  •  Hunter Pleasure
  • Hunter under saddle
  • Ladies Side Saddle
  • Classic Pleasure under Saddle
  • English Pleasure
  • Park Saddle
  • Western Pleasure

(Excludes any classes shown over fences, stock, western riding, and reining.  Acceptable classes include but are not limited to: Maiden, Novice, Limit, Junior Horse, Amateur, Ladies, Gentlemen’s, and Open)

DIVISION THREE - SPORT HORSE (Exhibitor of any age, Nominate horse)

  • Hunter  
    •  Over Fences-green and regular working hunter
    • Hunter Hack       
  • Jumper

o   Tables 1, 2, 3 and 4           

o   Open     

o   Intermediate      

o   Junior and Amateur Owner Classes

  • Dressage             

o    AHSA Training Levels-1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, FEI Prix St. Georges         

o    FEl Intermediate Competition One and Two

o   FEl Grand Prix

  • Eventing

o   Combined Training-all levels - (points X3 )

o   Combined Tests-All levels - (points X2 )

  • Trail

o   Competitive trail rides- (points X2 for rides 50 miles or more)

o   Endurance trail rides of all lengths - (points X2 for rides 50 miles or more)

  • Contesting

o   Barrel Racing

o   Pole Bending

o   Keyhole

o   Fun classes (Gymkhana)

o   Others timed classes suited to category  

  • Miscellaneous
    •  Obstacle Trail Class
    •  Stock, Western Riding, and Reining
    •  Roadster-bike or saddle
    •  Versatility  (Points X No. of Classes if not pinned separately)
    •  Races
    •  Costume

DIVISION FOUR –DRIVING (Exhibitor of any age)  (Nominate horse)

  • Carriage:
    •  ADS Classes
    •  Carriage Classes
    •  Marathons
    •  Wooden Wheel Vehicles
  • Combined Driving Events
    •  All levels - (points X3 if submitting one overall score
  • Pleasure
    •  Classic Pleasure Driving
    •  Pleasure Driving
    •  Park Harness

DIVISION FIVE - NON-JUDGED EVENTS (Exhibitor of any age, Nominate horse)  

  •  Parades
  •  Horse Fair Exhibition(s)
  •  Judging events
  •  Clinics
  •  School, Church & similar Demonstrations
  •  Mounted flag ceremonies
  •  Others? When in doubt, please check with the High Point Program Chair(s) for a ruling.
  • Examples of what is not allowed:  pleasure trail rides, family reunions, activities that flow from a primary event (count only the primary event), stable tours, other events not open to the general public or derived from activities for which the participants or organizers are paid.  Submit points for each day of multi-day events in which you participate.

(Exhibitor of any age, Nominate rider)  

  •  Saddle seat
  •  Western
  •  Hunt seat - on the flat or over fences
  •  Stock seat    
  •  Reinsmanship, Turn-out
  •  Grooming and Showmanship; Fitting and Showmanship

(Exhibitor under 11 years old not already participating in 'Canter' classes, Nominate exhibitor)

  •  Walk-Trot
  •  Leadline    
  •  Grooming and Showmanship; Fitting and Showmanship
  •  In Hand

HIGH POINT JUNIOR EXHIBITOR TROPHY - Awarded to the exhibitor (17 years old or under) who has accumulated the highest number of points during the year by performing in classes in all Divisions, regardless of how many horses ridden.  This is a perpetual trophy.

HIGH POINT AMATEUR AWARD - Awarded to the adult (18 years and over) whose horse has accumulated the highest number of points in the year by performing in all Divisions except Equitation and Beginner Exhibitor.  (One horse and one rider) This is a perpetual trophy. Amateur status is determined as defined by USA Equestrian rules.  

OPEN PROMOTIONAL TROPHY - Awarded to the horse who has earned the most points in classes where the Morgan is shown against other breeds.  This would include such shows as the Indy 500, Hartmeyer's, Shriner's Shows, 4-H, etc. this is a perpetual trophy.   

HIGH POINT HORSE TROPHY - Awarded to the horse that has accumulated the most points in all of the Divisions except Equitation and Beginner Exhibitor.  This is a perpetual trophy.   

SASNAK MORGAN'S VERSATILITY AWARD - This award honors ABC Princess (Cricket) and OutBack's MoonShadow (Shadow), mother & son, who in 1999, joined the elite group of Morgans earning the AMHA Sport Horse Title by competing in Open Shows, Dressage, Eventing, and Competitive and Endurance Trail Riding. Shadow went on in 2008 to become the first horse to be named "Super Sport Horse" by the AMHA for earning a record 6th bronze medallion for Carriage Driving. These horses epitomized the versatile Morgan. This award seeks to recognize those horses who, like Cricket and Shadow, compete successfully in multiple disciplines.

Requirements: The Sasnak Morgan Versatility Award is a perpetual trophy that will be given to the horse who earns points in the Sport Horse Division (may include Combined Driving under Division 4), AND at least 2 other disciplines under Divisions 1 – 5.

The champion will be determined by the horse having earned the most overall points in performance divisions. The horse does not have to place or win the divisions to be eligible. If no horse meets the criteria, the award will not be given that year.

MARY JANE CAIN MEMORIAL TROPHY -Adult Sportsmanship (18 years and over)    and

CANTERBURY FARM TROPHY - Youth Sportsmanship (17 years and under)

The selection of sportsmanship winners shall be on the basis of a person who is enthusiastic about the Morgan horse, and by their example, promotes the equine industry. The same person cannot win the trophy two (2) years in a row. 

The selection of the winners shall be from among the IMHC membership.  Each member may vote for one (1) youth and one (1) adult for the recipient of the two respective trophies.  Voting takes place the day the IMHC Awards are presented in the fall. These are perpetual trophies.  No nomination necessary.

HARRIETT A ULERY INDIANA MORGAN PROMOTION AWARD - Awarded to the person who most promotes the Morgan horse and the Indiana Morgan Horse Club during the High Point year.  No nomination necessary. Awarded at the discretion of the Board.  This is a perpetual trophy. 

JILL COPLEN AWARD - Awarded in memory of Jill Coplen to recognize those who, without their behind-the scenes work to support the IMHC and the Morgan horse industry, the show would not go on.  No nomination necessary. Awarded at the discretion of the Board.   


To be eligible for scoring, the horse must be registered with the American Morgan Horse Association and be owned or leased by an IMHC member in good standing.  In case of a co-owned horse, at least one owner must be a member of the IMHC. 

Ownership of the nominated horse may be transferred during the season without affecting the animal's score, providing the above requirements are met. The award will be made to the owner as shown at the time the horse wins its last point in competition, provided the owner is a member of the IMHC.     

To be eligible for scoring, riders must be members of the IMHC in good standing. Points may only be earned on a registered Morgan.     

To qualify for a division award a horse or rider must be nominated with the Point Secretary as a competitor for the Year End Awards.  Entries are $20 per horse to enter Divisions 1-5 and $20 per rider to enter Divisions 6 and 7.

There will be no refund of monies.     

The High Point Awards year is from November 1st through October 31st of the following year.     

Exhibitors' ages are as of December 1 of the previous year in compliance with AHSA. There must be a minimum of two nominations in each division for the division to remain open.  If there are not enough nominations in a division, the Point Secretary will transfer the nominee into a similar division that is open.     

Any person (including a trainer) may show a nominated horse so long as they are members of the IMHC. Winners shall be those horses or exhibitors that score the highest number of points in each division.   

Sponsorships are accepted by division. To sponsor a division, such as Beginner Exhibitor, you must submit twenty five dollars ($25.00) to the Point Secretary prior to August 31.

A tentative list of placings will be published in the Indiana Morgan Horse News in August, showing the first six (6) placings and their points.  Disclosure of points to individuals other than the horse owner shall not be made except in the Newsletter.

To ensure that all junior exhibitors are rewarded for their efforts, all Junior Exhibitors who are nominated and accumulated points will be recognized.  

Presentation of the trophies and awards will be made at the IMHC Fall Meeting each year. Division Champion and Reserve Champion will receive awards, the level of which will based on available funding from entries to the Highpoint program and/or as designated from IMHC discretionary funds. Any additional awards beyond Champion and Reserve will be at the discretion of the Intra-Club Highpoint Chairman.

Any questions concerning scoring that are not specifically covered in the foregoing rules shall be adjudicated on the basis of the principles expressed in the current AHSA award scoring system or by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the IMHC.   

The Board of Directors of the IMHC may, at their discretion, cancel an IMHC Year End High Point Award, should the competition throughout the year be less than two (2) nominations in any Division.   

Nominations must be postmarked prior to any shows or events to be counted.  Points are NOT retroactive.

Additional entries can be made on a separate form.

Receipt of nomination and show forms will be returned within 10 days of receiving this form.

Results may be submitted via e-mail provided all requested information on the standard submission form is provided.


Points may be earned at the following types of shows: AHSA, AMHA, IMHC, ISHA, Open, and 4-H.   

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to submit all show results and/or verification of participation in events other than horse shows to the Point secretary within one month (31 days) after the show or event or by November 1st of the competition year (whichever comes first).  Late submissions will not be accepted unless approved by the IMHC Board. It is up to the exhibitor to petition the Board for an exception.   

Points won in Pro-Am Classes will be awarded depending on the age of the Amateur exhibitor.  

Scoring forms will be provided by the Point Secretary or may be copied by the exhibitor.  A copy of the special event entry form, participation form, official announcement, or an invitation dated and preferably signed by an official, designates verification of participation in parades, judged and non-judged events, trail rides, and pleasure

Points received for Judged  Events: 

(regardless of number in class)

First Place ………..........10 points                               Sixth place ………………..5 points

Second Place …………… 9 points                                Seventh place …………...4 points

Third Place  ……………… 8 points                                Eighth Place  ………..……3 points

Fourth Place  ……….…….7 points                               Ninth Place  ……………...2 points

Fifth place  …….………….6 points                 Tenth Place  …………..….1 point

·        IMHC sponsored shows = Points x 2

·        Any show championship (other than A rated, Regional, Grand National, or World Championship) = Points x 2 

·        A-Rated Shows = Points x 2 

·        Regional and Grand National = Points x 3 

·        World Championship = Points x 4

·        Split Classes   Exhibitors in non-tied split classes will receive 2 points (with normal multipliers) if showing in finals.  Normal scoring applies to placing in finals.   


Points for Non-Judged Events: 

·        5 points for participating 10 points for National level events 

·        A participant in the judging portion of judging competition will be awarded 5 points towards the High Point Junior Exhibitor Trophy.  Horses that participate shall be awarded points in the Non-Judged Events Division.