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Hoosier Horse Fair

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2013 was another fun-filled and successful showing by the Morgan horses and IMHC club at the HHF this year.  There were excellent horses on display and in action and many good chances to promote the breed through conversations with the attendees who passed by the booth. The Breed was extremely well represented with demonstration horses and team support from Kim Dollard and Shanna Gish.  Overall, the club did an excellent job in promoting the Morgan breed, which is the main purpose of participating in the Hoosier Horse Fair. I know sometimes people wonder why we participate in this activity, but I believe it’s is a worthwhile activity to promote the Morgan breed and it aligns well with the primary mission of our club.

The Morgan Club booth ended up in a great location. After much discussion, the booth was situated at end of a row of stalls where the 5 Morgan horses were kept.  The area experienced a lot of foot traffic with people who would stop and talk about the breed.  For the people who stopped we were able to actually show them the outstanding live examples of our breed.    These gorgeous Morgan horses were a great crowd draw.   These conversations seemed to be very fruitful and were a lot of fun with the horses present.  An additional feature was that the booth was just across from the arena were several clinics were held. It was great to watch these clinics, but it was also great to be able to actually show our Morgan Horses in action while talking to the people who stopped by to chat. The Morgan team participated in the Hunt seat and the Saddle Seat equitation clinics.

The participants in the Morgan Demonstration were Sara Camino riding  Lucky U and Kaecee Dollard on BoldAyr Seventh Heaven (Sarina).  Kaecee also rode Medomak French Expression Black in the Equitation Clinics.  Also involved with the clinics were Bethany Blumer, Megan Buckley on Indian Creek High Stakes, Emma Fedorack on Ultra’s High Definition, as well as Katy Hawkins and Megan Teagardin.

The booth had a fresh look this year.  It was decorated with green drapes and terrific set of large photos of Morgan horses in action across all disciplines which were provided by Shanna Gish.  We also put up several of the Morgan Club banners we’ve used in the past.  The booth went up extremely fast with help of Kim Dollard and Shanna and her team.  The booth was staffed almost the whole time with a combination of club members and non-club members.  Yes, we had one young lady from Shanna’s stable and Lynn who helped out at the booth by providing information to folks when we were in discussions with other people.  Thanks!!!  A lot of club members stopped by to help including:  Sharon Hicks, Cheryl and Steve Royer, Linda Laud, Cindy Nelson, and Lynn, Kim Dollard, Shanna Gish and myself.

Kim organized a pitch-in lunch at the booth on Saturday as a social event where club members could interact with clinician Mary Carlton.  Lots of good food and fun were had between events at the Fair. Other people passing by the booth commented that we were having fun.

Bill Jacobsen, IMHC HHF Chairman


The IMHC presents Two Local Morgans
at the 2013 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo


Indianapolis, IN – The Indiana Morgan Horse Club promoted the Morgan breed at the 2013 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo sponsored by the Indiana Horse Council, taking place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds April 5-7.  Club members and other Morgan enthusiasts distributed promotional materials, interacted with the public, and showed off the Morgan in action.

The IMHC was proud to sponsor Sara Camino and Lucky You from Indian Creek Farm in Columbia City, Indiana along with Kaecee Dollard and BoldAyr Seventh Heaven out of Indianapolis for the Breed Demonstration at this year’s Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo.  The Breed Demonstration is a showcase where participants can highlight and promote their breed.  Both girls and horses did a fantastic job in doing just that.  Overheard by a spectator, “Some people just didn’t take the time to make their horses look nice, but those Morgan people sure did a great job.”

Eclipse Trailers sponsored the demonstration by giving away a brand new 2-horse bumper trailer to the winner of Best in Show.  Online votes were calculated over a 2 day voting period for the favorite horse in both the Breed Demonstration and Parade of Stallions.  Kaecee Dollard and BoldAyr Seventh Heaven were the overall winners and brought a victory to the Indiana Morgans. 

Mary Carlton, with Crystal Farms, was a featured clinician this year.  She offered clinics on saddleseat and hunter equitation.  Both Sara and Kaecee participated in the clinics along with Bethany Blumer, Megan Buckley, Emma Fedorcak, Katy Hawkins, and Megan Teagardin.  This group of talented young ladies represented a wide variety of experience levels showing the public that Morgans are great mounts whether you are a pleasure rider or a Class A competitor. 

Many thanks are extended to those who made this successful weekend possible, including Chairperson Bill Jacobsen, Kim Dollard who was instrumental in promoting Mary’s clinics and getting IMHC’s prime real estate in the breed demo area, and Shanna Gish who helped make the display area look fantastic, presented expertly turned out Morgans and freely shared her horses, knowledge and tips with club members and the general public.

Indiana Morgan Horse Club

BoldAyr Seventh Heaven (Sarina) and Kaecee Dollard

Lucky U (Lucky) and Sara Camino

photos by Joy Smith