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Indiana Morgan Horse Club, Inc.

Executive Committee Meeting

July 7, 2008

Pastariffic Restaurant

Kokomo, IN


Those present were Dave and Charlotte Krupla, Bruce Stewart, Eric & Julia Frazee, Danielle Landers, Sandy Johnson, Linda Laud and Danielle Kiefer.


Meeting was called to order at 7:53 p.m. by President, Bruce Stewart.

Reading and Approval of the Minutes Linda Laud made a motion to approve the May meeting minutes as presented seconded by Dave Krupla. Motion passed.


Reports of Officers



Linda Laud made a motion to accept the current treasurer report as presented seconded by Charlotte Krupla. Motion passed.


Youth Director  Julia Frazee reported the EAY is busy with Youth of the Year. The group did very well at Gold Cup and seven girls are planning to go to Buckeye. Next meeting is July 26, 2008.


Newsletter Editor  Bruce Stewart reported that an executive decision was made not to publish the May/June issue of the club newsletter due to not received any club related material from members. The next issue will include May/June and July/August. Bruce presented the idea and made a motion of printing the IMHC newsletter on a quarterly basis. After much discussion, the motion was defeated.


Vice-President  Sandy Johnson, nothing to report at this time.

President  Bruce Stewart reported that he is working on locations to hold the annual meeting currently scheduled for December 6, 2008; the Palomino Ball Room in Westfield or the Red Bridge Park in Cicero. Pricing will be the biggest factor.


Standing Committees

ISHA Committee  Bruce Stewart, nothing to currently report. Has not yet attended a board meeting.


High Point  Linda Laud, nominations are down this year. Would like to get the word out to have the nomination forms mailed to Linda, but to have the checks mailed directly to Danielle Kiefer.


Fund Raising Committee  Open

Historian  Jo Olinger, not in attendance.


Promotion Committee  Bruce Stewart,

Committee needs to start preparing for 2009 Hoosier Horse Fair. Anyone who knows anyone who would like to bring a stallion or demonstration horse should contact Bruce.


Gold Cup  Charlotte Krupla reported that the 2008 Gold Cup went really well. There were a total of 20 youth at the show. All but seven stalls were filled. The committee is throwing around the idea of moving the 2010 show to the KY Horse Park.


Webmaster  Sandy White, needs pictures and content material.

Reports of Special Committees

Show Committee  Bruce Stewart, Still in need of sponsorships but everything else is coming together


Unfinished Business

Membership Drive  Bruce Stewart, meeting that was to be held on June 26, 2008 had to be cancelled due to conflicts with rental complex. Discussion was had to hold a social gathering on October 18 or 25, 2008 and invite all the registered Morgan owners in Indiana from the list that AMHA provided us as well as current IMHC members. Bruce offered the use of his facility. Door prizes will be given away. A postcard will be designed and mailed.

New Business

None at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm


Submitted by Danielle Kiefer