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A small crowd enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Sasnak Morgans on August 28th.   Sandy provided the baby back smoked ribs and drinks, and the club members provided some fabulous sides and desserts to round out the meal.  We enjoyed the food sitting out in the back yard under a popup shelter watching the dogs and horses.  


The farm tour was brief.  Morgans, Sasnak Eclipse & Sasnak Antares, were true to Morgan form greeting the guests at the back yard fence saying pet me first.  Charlie was really cozying up to Erica!  Poor little Gizmo (the mini guy) was not to be ignored either.  Following lunch there was a variety of entertainment. 

As promised, Sandy put her dogs through the agility course.  Jo Olinger took the opportunity to bring along her dog, Tommy, and work the course.  With a little encouragement he was also performing the open tunnel, A-frame and teeter totter.  


Then I challenged the group to name something I could teach Charlie (my yearling gelding) to do with clicker training.  They thought it would be neat to have him retrieve a ball cap.   It took only a few minutes for Charlie to figure out targeting the ball cap got him a treat and within 15 minutes he was picking up the hat.  In this first session we never got to the point of him retrieving the hat, but if you check out the club’s Facebook page, you’ll find a video of him doing just that!   Not to be outdone, Gizmo demonstrated his tricks:  shaking hands & weaving through the cones like an agility dog.

The afternoon wrapped up with a corn hole tournament complete with a semi-final and championship games.  We had 4 teams competing.  It came down to a close game between Carolyn Stanger & Erin Olinger against Erica Leipus and yours truly.    It must have been Erica’s expert tosses that helped ‘my’ team win!


All agreed it was a fun afternoon.  I heartily encourage ya’ll to come to the next member open barn!

Sandy & Sasnak Morgans