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Spring Meeting

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Our IMHC spring clinic and meeting was held on Saturday, March 8, 2014. It was hosted by Carolyn and Nick Stanger of Roanoke
Indiana at their lovely Fox Run Farm. Despite the ‘spring’ weather, it was a very educational and fun time.

The day started with a clinic on being Show Ring Ready by Leah Borders. She did a demonstration on Carolyn’s mare, April (an Indiana bred girl by Raintree Revelation). Here are some of her tips: When trimming the bridlepath, lay the ear back along the neck to get the correct length.  Always cut away from the forelock. Use your finger to block the point where you want to stop trimming to avoid any unfortunate clip jobs!

Other grooming tips included spritzing alcohol (rubbing alcohol, to be clear) on the coat and wiping clean. This helps give the dust something to adhere to, and when used lightly, won’t dry skin. When picking a tail, use your fingers before the brush to lessen hair loss. Leah is highly sought after for her braiding talent and showed everyone how it is done. Here’s her advice on must-haves for your braiding kit: fanny pack, latch hook, seam ripper, comb, matching yarn, small scissors, brush and water to wet mane, quick braid for tail.

In exchange for the demonstration, Leah set up a table with information on her local pet shelter. She has been making beds for the shelter for some time and new ones and repairs are always needed. Several individuals made contributions to her cause as part of the club’s spring community service project.
Up next was a session on harnessing. Carolyn Stanger and Linda Laud presented several different types of harness and discussed advantages and disadvantages of the types. They also put harness on April to demonstrate proper fit. Linda prepared a handout with some standard measurements of harness and a fit chart for the horse.

To wrap up the barn portion of the morning, everyone received a bag of horse goodies including an article on horse taste preferences and a recipe for homemade horse treats! Lunch is always a highlight of club meetings as there are many popular dishes and always some new favorites. Check out the
Whinny section of the newsletter for two of the most requested recipes from Saturday!

After lunch, Carolyn discussed trail riding basics. This included several safety tips including what to pack on a ride, trail riding with different experience levels, conditioning ideas, and even some self defense considerations. (See the club’s facebook page for an interesting related YouTube clip on this!)

Thank you to everyone who attended and to the Stangers for hosting and making the meeting a success!