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A Message From Your AMHA Region 3 Director


Hello to all in Region 3,

Gayle Singer
It was nice to return from the convention to be greeted by all the beautiful spring flowers and blossoming trees. I hope this weather holds, as I am sure we are all spoiled!

Although participation at the 2012 Convention was light, it was certainly worth the time and money spent to attend. As Florida is home to many well-known people in the horse world, there were many clinicians to choose from to present the very educational seminars. The first one that comes to mind is Dr. Wendy Ying, who spoke on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for sport horses. She spoke of three case studies: Cushings, back pain, and managing nervous show horses.

Of course, anyone who knows me would understand that I found the Fashion Show to be of interest. The presentation was very informative, and well done. Men, if you are even thinking of wearing that homburg this year, don't do it. Snap brims are in for all English disciplines! 

Three of our Region members were honored at the Award Banquet: Barbara Rudicel of Raintree Morgans - AMHA Breeders' Hall of Fame; Cheryl Woosley - AMHA Golden Reins Award; and Byron Singer - Youth Person of the Year.

Thanks to Barbara Rudicel and her Stallion Service Auction Committee, close to $77,000 was realized. Net proceeds go to AMHA Marketing and Promotion, Regional and local AMHA Shows, as well as the World Morgan Futurity.

Two new members were voted to fill positions on the AMHA Board: Jonalyn Gwinup of Oklahoma and Diana Swanson from North Carolina. The membership also voted to move the Registry Trust from the TD Bank to the Vermont Community Foundation, where it will incur more interest.

The 2013 AMHA Convention will take place in Portland, Oregon. I hope you can join us!

If you have anything that you would like to be brought before the AMHA Board at our next meeting held the end of April, please let me know by mid-April.

Thank you,
Gayle Singer - Region 3 co-director

Please find below a synopsis of the Board of Director's meeting held in Orlando, Florida.

The AMHA Board of Director's held its first quarter 2012 meeting on Wednesday February 29, 2012 in Orlando, Florida, in conjunction with the AMHA convention.

The following business matters were discussed:

  • The committee completed review and approved changes to 3.5, 3.6 and 4.18(a), and cleaned up mis-numbered sections starting with section 5.2.1. 

  • The committee reviewed the fourth quarter registrar's report which showed decline in registrations, but transfers holding steady. 
  • Swedish Reciprocity was approved.
  • The committee heard recommendations on offering the splash test and transfer of prefix fee. Both motions were approved.
  • The committee also gave significant consideration to requests to extend the reduced registration fee for horse > 24 months old. This program was offered from April 1- December 31, 2011. After much discussion, the committee declined extending the program. 
  • The committee considered a request from an AMHA member to distinguish "foundation bred" Morgans in the Registry. The committee declined this request.

  • The committee heard the chairman's and Executive Director's fourth quarter 2011 finance reports.
  • The proposed rainy day fund charter was reviewed and approved
  • McSoley, McCoy and Company provided the draft of the year-end 2011 audited financials. The committee reviewed the management letter and reports and instructed the Executive Director to move forward with production of the final versions. AMHA closed 2011 with net change in assets from operations of $20,793.
  • A subcommittee was appointed to assist with Executive Director with identifying an agency to conduct an internal controls audit. An internal controls audit is conducting periodically by the Association to identify process improvements and efficiencies.
  • Under new business, the committee approved reallocations to the 2012 budget to allow upgrades to the AMHA computer network, which is urgently needed.
  • Jeff Gove provided a brief update on corporate sponsorships.

  • In addition to ratifying the motions put forward from the standing committees, the AMHA Board approved new life memberships and certificates of appreciation to the convention co-chairs
  • Bob Morgan, AMHI President, reported that the sale of the Shelburne building in Vermont to the Waldorf School has slowed due to negotiations. 
  • Working committee reports were heard and revisions to SOPs 1,7,11,12,18,13 and 21 were approved. 

    Full minutes will be available on the AMHA website upon approval by the Board.

    The next board meeting will be Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.