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Ethan Allen Youth

It is the purpose of the Morgan Youth Association to instill in young people pride in, enjoyment of, and knowledge about the Morgan horse with the ultimate objective of educating future owners and breeders dedicated to preserving, improving, promoting, and cherishing the Morgan breed.

Through our youth program, we incorporate the ideals and skills of horsemanship, responsibility in citizenship, discipline, and competence in leadership.

It is here in our local club that we become an educational as well as a social unit. We provide opportunities to learn and improve skill and knowledge of horses and particularly the Morgan through:

  • Judging clinics
  • Sponsoring and attending clinics
  • Participating in horse shows
  • Competing in Outstanding Youth contests on local and national levels
  • Promoting national youth activities

as well as: providing community service and social activities.

Ethan Allen Youth Group

Application For Membership

Name Phone ____________________________    (____ ) _____ - __________

Address ____________________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP _____________________________________________________________

AMHA No. ________________   Birth date ____ /___ /_______ Age __________

To join Ethan Allen you must first belong to AMHA. Annual dues of $5.00 are payable to:

Ethan Allen Youth c/o Leitha Stone
972 E. US Hwy 136
Veedersburg IN 47987

(765) 299-4822