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Youth News

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Hey!  I need some youth news for this site.  

What ever you've been doing, share it with the club! 

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Chelsea (left ) and Kaecee Dollard (right) had a very successful county fair with their Morgans.  Kaecee, was 3rd in a big (15+) class of hunter pleasure riders.  She was 1st in equitation and then won overall equitation champion.  Chelsea, showed for the first time in years and it paid off as she got 1st in her pleasure class and 1st in equitation.
































    1. AMHA Youth of The Year Announces BIG, BOLD Changes!

      Youth of the Year contests are designed to recognize top achievers. Youth of the Year contests consist of four parts: a written exam, an oral presentation, a judging contest and a horsemanship pattern. Each section of the contest is worth 250 points. For 2014, AMHA is enhancing the National Youth of the Year contest to make it easier for youth to compete!

      1. The written exam will be administered online prior to the show. The test will be open book, but timed.
      2. The horsemanship pattern will also be done before the show. Applicants will be given the pattern and asked to video tape their ride and upload to a YouTube channel for judging. This will enable the applicants to use a horse they are familiar with instead of having to bring a horse or catch ride an unfamiliar horse at the show.
      3. Oral presentations will include a speech and an interview like in the past. Participants will be asked to come prepared to describe their ideal prize package should they win and their experience with the new enhancements to the components of the Youth of the Year contest.
      4. Judging workshop will still take place on Friday morning, but in Sports Horse Arena 1.

      In place of the Saturday Brunch, AMHA will host an Award Gala in the exhibitor lounge of the main coliseum on Friday from 5-6 P.M. Speech winners may be asked to present speech live to audience and some special prizes and awards will be given.

      Attention Juniors! We are adding a Junior Level (13 and under) Youth of the Year High-Point winner for the highest combined score of the Speech Contest and the Judging Workshop. Participants who qualify for this title will walk in Olympic style on Saturday night along with the Youth of the Year finalists where the Junior Youth of the Year High-Point Winner will be announced.

      For more information please contact, Taylor Royals at AMHA, (802) 985-4944 ext. 401,!

    Fun, FREE Youth Activities!

    Did you know AMHA offers FREE activities for youth? And you donít even have to be a member to take advantage of them!On top of two activity sheets, "Justa' Morgan Fun" and the "Anatomical/Skeletal Page," AMHA also offers the Puzzle It Out program. This fun and educational program is a series of puzzles designed to introduce young children to the versatile Morgan breed while challenging cognitive skills. Start by contacting the office for your first puzzle. When youíre done, send it back to us and we will send you your prize and the next puzzle in the series! What are you waiting for? Contact AMHA today!

    Horsemastership Badge Day

    Plans are underway for the youth Horsemastership Badge Day.
    You can get ready by brushing up on the following topics for the first badge level!

    Bulrush Level:

    Know basic anatomy (20 parts).

    Identify the basic parts of tack of the seat you ride.

    Define the following horse terms, written or orally: mare, stallion, colt, filly, foal, sire, dam, gelding, weanling, hand, and conformation.

    Demonstrate how to measure a horse.

    Demonstrate haltering, leading, and posing.

    Demonstrate basic grooming and pass a written test on grooming tools.

    Pass a written test on basic stable management and daily care.

    Pass a written test on safety around horses.

    Pass a quiz on elementary Morgan Breed Information


Got Questions?  Contact our Youth Director, Sara Rhodes, (574) 288-2089!